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 few suggestions & balance issue

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few suggestions & balance issue Empty
PostSubject: few suggestions & balance issue   few suggestions & balance issue I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2013 1:00 am

first of all, you should increase cop's income.
not the income you get every few minutes, but the one that you gets from bad citizens.
considering how robbers can make 100~200 golds in few secs by killing dozen citizens, cops have to wait for 5 seconds to
have a CHANCE to search citizens. I see that you used different money item for bad citizen(money bag) and good citizen(paper money). Thus i think you can manage that. Also, i suggest you should gradually increase police upgrade costs, say 2 golds per each upgrades. When there's someone who knows how to play the game, at about mid game, the police upgrades are kinda ridiculous. something like 20 weapons upgrades with booster jets up their butts (not literal)
. Another thing is money you get from chop shop. 10-20 minerals per car sounds too cheap considering it has 40 secs delay, not to mention you can earn same amount of money by killing only 1 or 2 citizens. After all, it is a car you are selling. I'm sure they cost more than amount of money you carry in your wallet.

ps. congratz for getting into top rated! good work.
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few suggestions & balance issue Empty
PostSubject: Re: few suggestions & balance issue   few suggestions & balance issue I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2013 1:14 am

Thank you for that feedback.

Increasing money reward for stolen cars is being increased at the moment.
Certain cars will reward more money than others, such as blimps, police cars, helicopters(alot), and speed cars.

The increase in cost for NPC cop upgrades will increase after every upgrade like the normal hero upgrades. This will be released later on but not immediately. This is something that has been noted and will be fixed.

As for the cost of which team should make more cash, thats something that will very constantly from patch to patch. For example by increasing the reward for stolen vehicles, the robbers will make more money and then i'l have to increse the cops income a little. I will look into increasing the cops income. Note: Robbers seem a little underpowered at the moment in basic combat with the city(excluding missions).

Thanks again for your great suggestions
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few suggestions & balance issue
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