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 Changelog (Patchnotes)

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PostSubject: Changelog (Patchnotes)   Changelog (Patchnotes) I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2013 12:41 am


Higher civilian populations
Cops now recieve money for killing player cops
Psionic storm, irradiate and razor swarm do not hurt the caster and allies now
Player cops will get suspended for attacking other player cops
Tosh's shield now only absorbs 60 damage down from 300
Swann's melee attack now deals the same as his ranged attack
The bank now has a health bar display above the building
Irradiate now has a CD and still costs the same amount of energy
The War Pig abilities; plasma blast and razor swarm now deal less damage


Upgrade cost for weapon damge increases by intervals of 10 minerals
Police sallery has been increased slighty
Robbers now cannot steal armored vechicles(assault vehicles) and police aids(war dogs)
Heros selection now displays unit abilities
Zeratul can target air unit with his new attack psi discharge and now can charge enimies every 4 seconds


The jail now has a no fly zone above it
Far less S.W.A.T. and Army units get called down to the map now
Robbers who attack a S.W.A.T. or an Army member will have their wanted level increase drastically to the point where the special forces will open fire upon them
Police now cannot rob the city bank
Police abilites now do not target civilian bystanders
Robbers start with an extra 20 health and 1 armor
Police sallery has been reduced slightly
Players now cannot enter the jail as a non prisoner or enter the hospital as a non patient(Cop)
Cops have a slower movement speed and way less respawn on the map at any time
Crimminal activity on the map attracts less attention from NPC cops now
Stolen cars brought to the Chop Shop reward cash depending on the vehicle stolen. Cop cars, cruiser, blimps and nicier vehicles give more than others
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Changelog (Patchnotes)
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